Heart And Soul Expression

DILEXI VOS was created to empower heart and soul expression rather than ego. We infuse premium crafted clothing with high vibrating messages and symbolism to light up the world.  By wearing Dilexi Vos you’re spreading positivity, spirituality, Divinity and love.

Sweat-Shop And Child Labor Free

DILEXI VOS exclusively uses high quality premium clothing. You won’t find any more comfortable tees and tanks. We only work with companies who manufacture in sweat-shop and child labor free environments. This is important and we thought you should know.

Eco Friendly Printing

DILEXI VOS uses state of the art digital technology, the designs are printed directly into the clothing with non toxic biodegradable ink. There is a troubling amount of water used, wasted and polluted in the printing industry. Our  printing process is 100% waterless and eco friendly.

100% Renewable Energy

Whenever possible DILEXI VOS chooses to positively affect humans, animals, mother earth and the environment. For this reason we have chosen to run a green powered website with 100% renewable energy. Every bit makes a difference!

We Pay It Forward

For every order we plant a tree. Forty six percent of forests are already destroyed. Twenty eight thousand species are expected to be extinct in twenty five years due to deforestation. Tree’s deserve our respect and we should never forget they are paramount to our survival.

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